When to pressure wash your home

When to Pressure Wash Your Home

If you aren't sure of the answer to "when?" when it comes to scheduling pressure washing for your home, have no fear. Here we will answer your queries about the perfect time to have your home professionally pressure washed right down to the time of day.

How often should I schedule for my home to be pressure washed?

The answer to this question isn't down to a science. Some experts say you should pressure wash as frequently as every six months, and others say once every five years. The majority consensus, though, is that it's recommended your pressure wash your home once every one to two years. Here's the thing, though, depending on the specific climate and conditions a home is exposed to, that number fluctuates. The best course of action is that if you see staining or discoloration, it's probably time to call a pressure washing company. Luckily, if you're still unsure, most companies offer free consultations to their customers, so you can set up a meeting a see if your home really does need it or it could last a little longer.

What time of year should I pressure wash my house?

There's no decided upon "best" time to pressure wash. As we just discussed, getting your home pressure washed is often on a case to case basis. There is a good rule of thumb, though. If where you live gets snow and freezing temperatures, the winter months aren't when you'll get the best clean. Generally, getting your home pressure washed at the end of a season can be best because the build-up of debris from fall, pollen from summer and spring, or moisture from the winter season is a good reason to start fresh. Clear out the accumulation from months of weather patterns and seasonal quirks and begin anew. If you're the kind of person who does yearly spring cleaning, that may be the time you choose to schedule you're cleaning.

What time of day should I schedule my pressure washing?

Pressure washing can be performed at any point in the day, but there are some optimal conditions that may get you a better clean. When scheduling your pressure washing, you'll want to consider your technician. A tired, overheated technician won't perform as well as one experiencing a more comfortable temperature earlier or later in the day, so scheduling at the hottest part of the day may not be ideal. You also want to consider visibility. The ability of your technician to be able to see what he's working on and not miss a stain because he mistook it for a shadow is imperative to the outcome of your work.

What Kind of Weather

Luckily, pressure washing isn't really affected by weather weirdness. Excluding the need for visibility, if your technician is able to clearly see what is before him, the weather couldn't affect the quality of work he does. Some technicians, understandably, may not want to pressure wash during a thunderstorm, but if that's the case, they'll often reschedule for the next day. All this is to say, you don't have to often worry too much and scout the ten-day forecast before scheduling your power washing.


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